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‘Tis the Season for Giving: How Our Team Shares Their Time and Love

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‘Tis the Season for Giving: How Our Team Shares Their Time and Love

Our team at K|D has been gearing up for the most wonderful time of the year! It’s not just about festive decorations (which we love!); it’s about spreading joy and giving back to our communities. In the spirit of Christmas, we want to share some heartwarming ways our staff gives their time and love during the holiday season.

We asked our team members how they contribute, whether financially or with their precious time, to make a difference in the lives of others. Their responses were inspiring, ranging from volunteering at local organizations in Tulsa to donating coats and gifts to families in need.

Here are some of our team’s favorite giving ideas:

  • Set up a giving tree at kids’ school to buy Christmas gifts for kids in need
  • Give to a borrower through KivaMake a loan, change a life
  • Partner and volunteer with John 3:16 Mission
  • Make gift sacks with food, socks, hats, gloves, hot hand warmers, and scarfs for the homeless community in Tulsa
  • Sponsor a foster child
  • Volunteer with Tulsa Dream Center
  • Give financially to help local families in need
  • Volunteering at a homeless shelter to serve hot meals
  • Coats for KidsNow taking donations!

Holiday Gift Guides

In addition to giving their time, our Kirkendall Design team also has some great last-minute gift ideas to share. Keep scrolling for thoughtful and unique gifts for your loved ones!

Gift Guide for Her


Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Kids/Baby

Shop All Gift Guides Here

We hope these ideas inspire you to make the most of your holidays with loved ones and make a difference in your community this December. Merry Christmas from the K|D staff!


Last-Minute Hosting Essentials From Our Interior Design Team

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Last-Minute Hosting Essentials From Our Interior Design Team

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’ve got your last-minute hosting needs covered! From stylish serving ware to practical appliances and more, our carefully chosen items will add ease and a touch of charm to your gathering. Elevate your Thanksgiving effortlessly with these luxury, curated essentials from our interior design team.

amazon hosting essentials by Kirkendall Design interior design


1. Unscented Tapers | 2. Gold Candlestick Holders | 3. Cotton Linen Napkins | 4. Cheese Board Deck | 5. Dried Pampas Grass | 6. Champagne Flutes | 7.  Acacia Wooden Tray | 8. Slow Cooker Liners | 9. Faux Wood Charger | 10. Triple Slow Cooker

Get Your Home Ready for Gatherings: Lighting Edition

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Get Your Home Ready for Gatherings: Lighting Edition

As the days grow shorter with the changing season, we want to talk about the crucial role that lighting can play within your home. Having the perfect lighting can completely revamp your space, giving it that cozy and inviting atmosphere that makes the approaching winter nights feel a whole lot brighter. Let’s consider three main types of lighting: statement, task, and aesthetic.

The 3 Main Types of Lighting

Statement Lighting

Statement lighting can make a bold and memorable impression in your home. These unique fixtures are more than just sources of illumination; they are works of art that can serve as conversation starters and focal points in your living spaces.

Telling Your Story Through Interior Design

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Telling Your Story Through Interior Design

Bright and open living and dining room, luxury interior design by Kirkendall Design

If you’ve been a part of the Kirkendall Design community for any length of time, you will know that we firmly uphold the belief that great interior design should tell your unique story.

Our mission is to highlight those special moments within your home, designing it in a way that simplifies your life while creating spaces that are not only luxurious but also highly functional for you.

Luxury Interior Design with Purpose

We are passionate about knowing where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced, and what holds meaning to you. Whether it’s a piece of art you’ve collected or an antique with its own story, we aim to incorporate these cherished elements into the design. This way, your memories become an integral part of your home, and it’s more than just a magazine-worthy picture.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our Furniture & Styling service seamlessly combines your most precious and meaningful pieces with high end, luxury furnishings that complete the overall design of your home. Whether you’re looking to update a single room or transform your entire home, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results tailored to your style and preferences. We will take care of everything, from sourcing and procuring all the necessary furniture and decor to handling the installation. You can sit back and relax while we work our magic, resulting in a beautifully styled and livable space that you’ll love.

Our Furniture & Styling Service Includes:

  • Paint or wall covering selections
  • Carpet, tile, or other flooring options
  • Lighting selections
  • Hardware selections
  • Countertop selections
  • Space plans
  • Sourcing furniture + decor
  • Expert project management
  • Procurement of luxury furnishings + decor
  • Installation of furnishings + decor

We invite you to take the next step with us and explore how our Furniture & Styling interior design services in Tulsa, OK can help transform your space into a reflection of your unique story. Contact us today to schedule your free discovery call and take the next step toward a more luxurious and inviting living space.

Submit a design request to get started.

Celebrating 30 Years of Kirkendall Design

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Julia flips through interior design samples; reflects back on 30th anniversary of Kirkendall Design

We are excited and humbled to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Kirkendall Design!  

A recent interview with Julia captured some of the highlights over the years.

What does the 30th anniversary of K|D mean to you?
When I think about 30 years I feel like I’m in complete denial that it has been that long!

What initially sparked your interest in interior design?
Realizing that others could not visualize a space the way that I could, I wanted to help people make their house a home! I took for granted that they could see what was not before their eyes.

What inspired you to start Kirkendall Design?
The desire to create a beautiful space for my clients to come home to and gather with friends and family. 

What do you remember about your first year in business?
I remember the amount of details that I needed to communicate to my clients without overwhelming them!

Tell us about one of your favorite “firsts” at KD?
My first, really large design project was for a client I have done many design projects with.  She believed in me and understood my vision of creating a design that was all about their family and who they were, not who I was in my own style. That was amazing!

Did you always think you would run your own business?
I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, so I’m not surprised to own my business. 

As you reflect on the team you’ve had over the past 30 years, what comes to mind?
Wow, well I think of how many high school and college students that have worked for me over the years and where they are today.  But most of all the loyalty and dedication I have had from my staff, that is what has made K|D a team!

What are some significant challenges you have faced and overcame?
The creation of HGTV and the magic that happens in the 30 minute show has been a huge learning curve for my clients. Don’t we all want our project to be done in 30 minutes and on budget! 

What have been the highlights over the last 30 years?
Going to the different markets throughout the country and meeting some of the most amazing people. 

What are your fondest memories?
All the Christmas decorating we did as a team.  Surprisingly, it was also one of the most difficult things we did.

What has driven K|D’s success?
I believe it’s the support of the team, and the culture we have together. It helps to make us strong and pushes each other to a higher standard.

What’s been most surprising about the journey so far?
I still love what I do and I am excited to have new ways to grow K|D through The Studio at K|D. We are adding to the experience with so many new ways to serve and inspire our clients, it’s an exciting time.  

What is one piece of advice you would give yourself 30 years ago?
Pace yourself… this is going to be a long run!   

What do you see for the future of K|D?
I see an opportunity for us to create engaging experiences through K|D and The Studio at K|D!

How does it feel to be launching a new business while celebrating the 30th anniversary of K|D?
It feels like the perfect time to start something new and fresh that will serve and inspire our clients and the community. All while K|D continues to grow and thrive as a business.

Living room design by Kirkendall Design, interior design firm in Tulsa, OK

Comments from the K|D Team

the kirkendall design team

“When I started, my desk was in Julia’s home office. It was so exciting to move to our first warehouse and really exciting to move to the new location at The Studio at K|D. It is amazing to watch Julia’s visions turn into a reality.  With that being said, I do have to reign her in every so often. But, I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it all!”
– Lora, Business Manager

“Much of who I am today is directly related to growing up in an environment, like K|D, that gave positive feedback and encouragement to strive to become a leader and a better person. I am honored to be lucky enough to call K|D my family.”
– Max, Construction Supervisor

“Julia has a knack for creating meaningful experiences, not only for her clients but also for her employees. Over the years, she put together numerous celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, the arrival of little ones, holidays and countless other milestones. Always so much fun!”
– Heather, Former Marketing Director

The true magic of our business lies within our amazing team. Over the years, the K|D team has been the driving force behind our success. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, it’s not only about the work; family comes first and our team has become like family.

Exterior Stone Refresh Q & A

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Exterior stone refresh using limewash, by Kirkendall Design

When considering a new home or updating the exterior of your home, many clients are not happy with and struggle with the color of their stone. We recently shared how we helped our client in Tulsa improve their home’s curb appeal with an exterior stone limewash treatment. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here.

We partnered with Beeler Painting – a local and trusted Tulsa company to execute the limewash. To gain a painter’s perspective on this exterior stone refresh, we consulted Austin Beeler from Beeler Painting.

Exterior Stone Refresh Q & A With Beeler Painting

before and after of dramatic exterior stone refresh using limewash

KD: Any home project can seem daunting when doing it alone. Even with the assistance of contractors, homeowners can feel overwhelmed by the countless design and color selections. From a painter’s perspective, why is it important to work with an interior designer when choosing to change your exterior brick or stone?

Beeler Painting: A professional, experienced interior designer can navigate the challenge of selecting the correct color and technique. They are also helpful in working as a partner to help instill additional trust in the customer as we go through the process.

KD: Over time, due to sun and rain exposure, exterior stone can take on unflattering color palettes. Similar to how we all age and change (no matter how much we fight it!), exterior stone will change colors. Is this a challenge that your company has seen a lot of homeowners in the Tulsa area facing?

Beeler Painting: Due to most of Tulsa’s Stonework being Sand Stone and Fieldstone, I believe many homes could be transformed from limewash, it can drastically change the overall appearance of their home.

KD: Many homeowners may choose to pursue costly plans to replace their stone or repaint the entire exterior. How does this particular paint/limewash process address exterior discoloration?

Beeler Painting: Limewash offers a relatively low cost solution to alter the color of stone, while maintaining a natural stone look. Paint is another option but many people prefer the look of natural stone.

Watch the Exterior Stone Refresh Reel on our Instagram!

We take immense pride in the opportunity to solve problems like these and love to partner with local and skilled subcontractors, like Beeler Painting. If you’re facing a similar issue with your exterior stone, or need help with improving your home’s curb appeal – don’t hesitate to reach out.

Submit a design request, and let us take the guesswork out of your curb appeal project.

Exterior Stone Refresh

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Beautiful stone exterior after limewash treatment by Kirkendall Design.

Many homeowners choose natural stone as a way to add timeless beauty, durability, and character to their home’s exterior. However, as the stone changes over time it can become an unappealing color and detract from your home’s curb appeal.

Due to most of Tulsa’s stonework being Sand Stone and Fieldstone, many homeowners struggle with stone they are not happy with. We recently had the opportunity to help a client in Tulsa improve their home’s curb appeal and overcome this issue with an exterior stone limewash refresh!

The Problem – Why Exterior Stone Changes

Similar to how we all age and change (no matter how much we fight it!), exterior stone also changes colors and loses its charm. Over time, as mineral deposits work their way to the surface due to sun and rain exposure, rocks can take on unflattering color palettes.

Our client’s exterior was the perfect example of a weathered and discolored stone that needed to be refreshed. Initially, our client had intended to pursue a costly plan to replace their stone and repaint the entire exterior.

However during the initial consult, we discovered a limewash treatment would be a more cost-effective plan for addressing the issue and improving our client’s curb appeal.

Exterior Before –

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

The Solution – How To Refresh Your Exterior Stone

We wanted to see the natural variations of color in the stone, this is why we chose a limewash treatment. Limewash, when paired with the proper application technique, can completely transform the appearance of the stone at a fraction of the cost and still maintain the natural beauty.

We partnered with Beeler Painting – a local and trusted Tulsa company to execute the limewash. After several swatches and meticulous color mixing, we were able to find the perfect shade and develop a process to replicate on our client’s entire exterior. Our client not only loved the end result, but it saved them money and time!

before and after of dramatic exterior stone refresh using limewash

Exterior After –

exterior stone refreshed with limewash treatment

exterior stone refresh, limewash by Kirkendall Design


When limewash is not the best solution, paint is often a great option to refresh your home’s exterior. One of our favorite curb appeal projects was a remarkable transformation where we redesigned the exterior architecture and painted the brick on our client’s home. Such a simple, yet striking upgrade!

We take immense pride in the opportunity to solve problems like these and help clients tackle big home projects! If you’re facing a similar issue with your exterior stone, or need help with improving your home’s curb appeal – don’t hesitate to reach out.

Submit a design request, and let us take the guesswork out of your curb appeal project.

Read Pt. 2 of this Exterior Stone Refresh project here.

Introducing The Studio at K|D!

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Cultivate a fuller, more beautiful life at The Studio at K|D. Opening August 2023!

Having issues viewing the video? Click here to watch on YouTube.


We have had the privilege to work in some of the most amazing homes over the last three decades. We have fostered deep connections with numerous families and individuals, embarking on a shared journey to empower people with the art of embracing their homes to the fullest. This is why we decided to start The Studio at K|D!

The Studio at K|D is a testament to Julia’s unwavering passion for innovation and her steadfast commitment to enhancing the lives of both loyal clients and the vibrant Tulsa community.

This new venture – sitting on five acres and conveniently located in greater Tulsa – gives us the opportunity to share with others the Kirkendall Design experience. The Studio at K|D will offer a broad range of interactive workshops and nature-inspired experiences, while also imparting invaluable knowledge on living life to its utmost potential.


Lifestyle Workshops
Develop new skills, cultivate relationships and learn to live more beautifully.

Signature Events
Host meaningful celebrations and signature events at our unique, intimate venue.

Photographer Memberships
Receive exclusive access to The Studio, offered to a limited group of photographers.

Flower Farm
Visit and shop our boutique, garden-inspired grounds in the heart of the city.

Artisan Gallery
Experience curated artisan installations from local artists on a rotating basis.

The Studio represents the culmination of our journey, as we bring our expertise full circle. We are on a mission to inspire and empower others to cultivate fuller, more beautiful lives. We cannot wait to host all of you here soon!

The Studio at K|D officially opens August 2023. Be the first to hear about the grand opening and other upcoming events by subscribing to our newsletter below!


We’d love to hear from you! Send questions and inquiries to

10 Timeless Accessories You Should Add To Your Home

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The holidays are over and the decorations are all put away (or will be soon!) and your house feels a little blah, right? Understandable. January is always a month we want to give our interiors a little refresh. So, let’s talk about my favorite way to do this with accessories.  I’m willing to bet you already have quite a few of these.
1) Conversational Pieces
The best accessories are the ones that define your own personal style and tell the story of you and your family. Using decorative pieces that have been passed down through a family for generations can add a unique and personal touch to a space. These items often have a rich history and sentimental value, which can make them great conversation starters when people see them displayed in a home.
Pro tip: Don’t worry if you don’t have any family heirlooms.  Explore estate sales and flea markets for unique conversational pieces that have interesting histories or uses. As a rule of thumb, if you come across an item that you are drawn to, consider it a keeper.
This vintage horse head lighter and antique ashtray are great conversational pieces.
2) Vase or Bowl
Vases can be filled with fresh flowers to add a pop of color and bring life to a space, or they can be left empty as a statement piece. Bowls can be used to hold fruit, serve as a catchall for keys and other small items, or simply be displayed as a decorative element. Mix and match different sizes, shapes, and materials for a cohesive yet eclectic look. Grouping vases and bowls together can also make for a visually interesting display. When decorating with vases and bowls, consider the style of the room and choose pieces that complement the overall aesthetic.
Large wooden bowl with fresh flowers adds a decorative touch to this cream colored kitchen with green granite countertops
White vase with gold stand filled with fresh flowers sits on a mid century modern console
3) Small Art
Perhaps you have an artist in your family (lucky you!) but if not a great place to find art and make it memorable is to pick up pieces along your travels. It doesn’t even have to be a large piece. Get in the habit of picking up little 8x10s when you travel. They can be unframed prints or canvases and they make great little pieces to prop up in bookshelves to add texture and color.

Floating gold shelves and gold-framed art displayed above a black and gray bar station

4) Table Top Pieces
Every family has that one dish that is always used when a certain recipe is served. Maybe it’s the family turkey platter. Why not make it a display piece? Sometimes that platter can sit up in your kitchen and become an accessory rather than be stored in a cabinet only to be used once a year. Rethinking these pieces as accessories gives them a whole new purpose.
Table top pieces like cutting board and fruit platter are displayed in large white kitchens with tall cabinets
5) Cookie Jar
Special treats are naturally going to elicit special memories. My aunt has a large commercial sized mayonnaise jar that she always stores her homemade cookies and treats in. It’s nothing special, yet it’s still proudly displayed in her beautiful kitchen. These are things that are more sentimental. You can buy accessories anywhere, but using things that mean something to you makes your house a home.
6) Books
With more and more people switching to Kindles and reading on their iPads, book purchases have been on the decline. As a result, we’ve been seeing fewer books in people’s homes. But I’ve noticed a trend of people starting to buy books again, and I’m really happy about it. I think having actual books, even cookbooks, can add such a personal touch to a home. We often put a couple of really pretty cookbooks on the kitchen shelf when we’re styling a space. It fills it up nicely, adds some color, and gives a sense of the homeowners’ interests or travels.
Pretty books and decorate box sit on top of a gold rimmed glass coffee table
7) Handmade Items
Handmade items often have a special meaning or story behind them and make a meaningful addition to your home.  I have many beloved items in my home – one of them being a pig-shaped cutting board that my husband made as Christmas gifts for us and our siblings when we were newly married. Most of our siblings still display them in their kitchens. Recently, I visited a client’s home and saw that she had a similar pig-shaped cutting board. She told me that it was her most treasured item in her kitchen because it was so unique and well-loved. By seeking out local artisans, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces and support the local community. There are many ways to find great handmade home accessories. By seeking out local artisans, you can find one-of-a-kind pieces and support the local community.  Local markets and art crawls are a great place to start, as you can often meet the makers in person and learn about their process and techniques. Online marketplaces and social media platforms, like Etsy and Instagram, are also excellent sources for finding handmade items.
8) Picture Frames
Picture frames are a great and personal accessory! I don’t know about you but I sometimes get tired of seeing the same frame and image sitting there. So, I have a box filled with framed pictures and I rotate them with each season or sometimes each holiday. It’s fun because my family enjoys them more that way, too. Even my two-year old granddaughter recognized her uncle from his senior picture–how fun is that? Printing pictures anymore is a novelty, so don’t forget to print your pictures and display those memories.
9) Blanket/Throw
A few months ago we were styling a client’s whiskey room and it was just missing something. Everything was dark, with clean, modern lines and so we added a soft throw over a leather chair and that was it! The texture and softness was exactly what the room needed to pop. We all use blankets so why not make them part of your decor?
Cream colored blanket is draped on the arm of a leather chair in sitting room with fireplace
10) Family Clock
This may be showing the old-fashioned Julia, but for years (during our grandparents’ generation) clocks were frequently given as gifts–perhaps for a wedding, anniversary or retirement. Sometimes they were mantle clocks or brass clocks under a glass cachet or even pocket watches. When I can find a clock in a client’s home I always use it. It’s just a great reminder of how precious time truly is.

Great Expectations

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How to Make Your Great Room Even Greater
We use the term “great room” pretty loosely these days. To put it simply, it is the room that encompasses the biggest living space in the house. It’s also often connected to another room, such as a kitchen or eating area, making it even larger.
The funny thing is–I think the term “great” has less to do with its actual size and more to do with the fact that this room is so greatly used and greatly needed for all your family’s functions. Whether or not your room is large in size, the need for this room in the house is always great.
My first rule when it comes to great rooms is that it must function for everyone that will be using the space and it must do so ninety percent of the time. Whether you want a space to read, watch movies, play games or simply converse, that room should be able to function for all those needs and then some.
We often ask, “who lives in this house?” because the room has to function for everyone in the home–even the four legged inhabitants! Are they allowed on the furniture? If not, is there a space dedicated to them within the room? Conversely, if they are allowed on the furniture, will it withstand the wear and tear our little furry friends inevitably will create?
Are there sports lovers in your home? Believe it or not, what you’re watching helps dictate how your room should function, too. Football season in my home means the lights are on, windows are open, we are in-and-out grilling–there is more action, more eating, more pacing–it’s usually a very lively moment in our house! Allowing for this traffic flow when placing furniture in the room is a key factor to making it great.
On the flip side, movie watching calls for darker, cozier spaces. If you don’t have a separate more intimate room for TV watching in your home, then you need to find a way to create that ambiance whether it’s with drapery, dimmable lighting or simply cozy furniture selection and placement.
We recently had to move where our TV was because we couldn’t get enough viewing areas. A general rule is that the TV should be placed in the largest viewable area in your room. Frequently this is above the fireplace, because rooms often are already centered around this focal point. But, if this is not the case in your home or you don’t have a fireplace in the room, you may have to place it on a side wall so you can accommodate enough seating around it.
The list of possible needs in a great room goes on and on. From toy storage needs, both for new parents and grandparents alike, to a space to study or work puzzles, the key to making this room truly great is identifying the needs for the space and planning solutions into your design.
Now that you’ve identified the needs of the room, you can start planning the layout of the room. Think about the room’s flow and (no surprise here!) how the room needs to function.
Start with seating selection and placement to ensure there is not only enough seating but also the right kind of seating. Think about the needs of those using the room and the room’s walkways or traffic patterns when determining where the seating should go within the room.
Perhaps you have family members who struggle to get out of deep seats or those with a medical need to keep their feet up. One of my favorite items of furniture to include in a great room is an ottoman. It serves so many purposes from a foot stool to extra, easily moveable seating–it’s the greatest seat in the great room!
Next, think about tables in your room and their purpose–from coffee tables to game tables to end tables–where will these pieces be most useful to those in the room? Consider where people will want a place to set a drink down, or play a game or simply have a space to set their phone down.
Finally it’s time to ground the room with a rug and address lighting. Look at the four corners of the room and make sure the light is distributed evenly in both daytime and evening. Maybe you need to add a table lamp or reading lamp depending on how you desire to use the various spaces within the room.
Last but not least, I always try to think about the five senses when I am designing a room:
SIGHT:  Is the furniture placed well? Is the room too cluttered? Is there enough visual interest?
SMELL: Bring in some natural oils or a candle or something that can give a fresh smell to the room so it doesn’t get stale.
HEARING: Make sure you have a good sound system for those game days and movie nights.
TOUCH: Layer various textures in your room and add an element of coziness by incorporating pillows and throws–perfect for snuggling up to a good book or show.
TASTE: If this is a room for gathering, chances are you will be eating in here too. Don’t forget about performance fabrics to guard against inevitable spills, whether it be the cheese from the game day nachos or red wine from the holidays.
When you have all those boxes checked, rest assured the room is going to be pulled together. But remember, the fact that you’ve thought about every possible need for every person (and pet!) that will use the room–that is what will truly make the room a great room.