Exterior Stone Refresh

Beautiful stone exterior after limewash treatment by Kirkendall Design.

Many homeowners choose natural stone as a way to add timeless beauty, durability, and character to their home’s exterior. However, as the stone changes over time it can become an unappealing color and detract from your home’s curb appeal.

Due to most of Tulsa’s stonework being Sand Stone and Fieldstone, many homeowners struggle with stone they are not happy with. We recently had the opportunity to help a client in Tulsa improve their home’s curb appeal and overcome this issue with an exterior stone limewash refresh!

The Problem – Why Exterior Stone Changes

Similar to how we all age and change (no matter how much we fight it!), exterior stone also changes colors and loses its charm. Over time, as mineral deposits work their way to the surface due to sun and rain exposure, rocks can take on unflattering color palettes.

Our client’s exterior was the perfect example of a weathered and discolored stone that needed to be refreshed. Initially, our client had intended to pursue a costly plan to replace their stone and repaint the entire exterior.

However during the initial consult, we discovered a limewash treatment would be a more cost-effective plan for addressing the issue and improving our client’s curb appeal.

Exterior Before –

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

Exterior of a beautiful home before limewash treatment. By Kirkendall Design.

The Solution – How To Refresh Your Exterior Stone

We wanted to see the natural variations of color in the stone, this is why we chose a limewash treatment. Limewash, when paired with the proper application technique, can completely transform the appearance of the stone at a fraction of the cost and still maintain the natural beauty.

We partnered with Beeler Painting – a local and trusted Tulsa company to execute the limewash. After several swatches and meticulous color mixing, we were able to find the perfect shade and develop a process to replicate on our client’s entire exterior. Our client not only loved the end result, but it saved them money and time!

before and after of dramatic exterior stone refresh using limewash

Exterior After –

exterior stone refreshed with limewash treatment

exterior stone refresh, limewash by Kirkendall Design


When limewash is not the best solution, paint is often a great option to refresh your home’s exterior. One of our favorite curb appeal projects was a remarkable transformation where we redesigned the exterior architecture and painted the brick on our client’s home. Such a simple, yet striking upgrade!

We take immense pride in the opportunity to solve problems like these and help clients tackle big home projects! If you’re facing a similar issue with your exterior stone, or need help with improving your home’s curb appeal – don’t hesitate to reach out.

Submit a design request, and let us take the guesswork out of your curb appeal project.

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