Exterior Stone Refresh Q & A

Exterior stone refresh using limewash, by Kirkendall Design

When considering a new home or updating the exterior of your home, many clients are not happy with and struggle with the color of their stone. We recently shared how we helped our client in Tulsa improve their home’s curb appeal with an exterior stone limewash treatment. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here.

We partnered with Beeler Painting – a local and trusted Tulsa company to execute the limewash. To gain a painter’s perspective on this exterior stone refresh, we consulted Austin Beeler from Beeler Painting.

Exterior Stone Refresh Q & A With Beeler Painting

before and after of dramatic exterior stone refresh using limewash

KD: Any home project can seem daunting when doing it alone. Even with the assistance of contractors, homeowners can feel overwhelmed by the countless design and color selections. From a painter’s perspective, why is it important to work with an interior designer when choosing to change your exterior brick or stone?

Beeler Painting: A professional, experienced interior designer can navigate the challenge of selecting the correct color and technique. They are also helpful in working as a partner to help instill additional trust in the customer as we go through the process.

KD: Over time, due to sun and rain exposure, exterior stone can take on unflattering color palettes. Similar to how we all age and change (no matter how much we fight it!), exterior stone will change colors. Is this a challenge that your company has seen a lot of homeowners in the Tulsa area facing?

Beeler Painting: Due to most of Tulsa’s Stonework being Sand Stone and Fieldstone, I believe many homes could be transformed from limewash, it can drastically change the overall appearance of their home.

KD: Many homeowners may choose to pursue costly plans to replace their stone or repaint the entire exterior. How does this particular paint/limewash process address exterior discoloration?

Beeler Painting: Limewash offers a relatively low cost solution to alter the color of stone, while maintaining a natural stone look. Paint is another option but many people prefer the look of natural stone.

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We take immense pride in the opportunity to solve problems like these and love to partner with local and skilled subcontractors, like Beeler Painting. If you’re facing a similar issue with your exterior stone, or need help with improving your home’s curb appeal – don’t hesitate to reach out.

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