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The Best ROI Home Improvement Projects From An Interior Designer’s Perspective

bathroom vanity with oval mirrors interior design by Kirkendall Design in Tulsa, OK

Located in Tulsa, OK, we are passionate about helping clients with home improvement projects that deliver the greatest return on investment (ROI). When you collaborate with an interior design firm like Kirkendall Design, we ensure your remodel steers clear of costly errors and perfectly reflects your design vision.

Let’s explore the best ROI home improvement projects!

Kitchen Remodels: Up to 98.5% ROI

Spacious and bright open concept kitchen design with white cabinets, interior design by Kirkendall Design in Tulsa, OK

At Kirkendall Design, we specialize in kitchen renovations of all scales! A minor kitchen remodel yields an average ROI of 98.5%, and typically involves upgrades such as new hardware, appliances, and cabinet updates (refreshing existing cabinets or installing new ones). Check out our favorite kitchen design must-haves here.

Major kitchen remodels, which provide a 91% ROI, involve a complete overhaul of cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and possibly reconfiguring the layout. When you work with Kirkendall Design, we provide design boards and photorealistic renderings to help you visualize the design plan and make informed choices, guiding you seamlessly through the entire remodel process.

Bathroom Remodels: Up to 102% ROI

Black and moody bathroom, interior design by Kirkendall Design, Tulsa OK

Another specialty of our Tulsa-based interior design firm is bathroom remodels! Minor bathroom renovations return an average of 102% and major remodels yield a 93.2% return. A minor bathroom remodel includes simple updates like new lighting, paint, mirrors, and a shower replacement. Upgrading fixtures and adding storage solutions also increase value.

A major bathroom remodel, includes expanding the space, custom showers or soaking tubs, new flooring, and custom vanities for a spa-like atmosphere. We recently shared our favorite bathroom design trends here.

Landscaping: 100% ROI

Investing in landscaping is another great option, returning an average of 100%. At Kirkendall Design, we provide interior design services for outdoor living which includes sourcing high-end outdoor furniture, decor and lighting.

Attic Bedroom Conversion: 93.5% ROI

attic bedroom, interior design by Kirkendall Design in Tulsa OK

Converting an attic into a bedroom can provide an average ROI of 93.5%. It’s a great way to add extra living space without the need for an expensive addition. With our extensive construction knowledge, we simplify the process for clients interested in transforming attic space into a bedroom or bathroom.

Entry Door Replacement: 90.7% ROI

Replacing your entry door is a simple yet effective way to boost curb appeal (and security!), with an average ROI of 90.7%. Our interior designers at Kirkendall Design love to select doors that complement our client’s style and add a touch of personality to the front of your home.

From kitchen and bathroom remodels to outdoor living and door replacements, these home improvement projects are wise investments and Kirkendall Design is here to offer expert guidance on your next remodel – whether minor or major. Contact us today to start transforming your home with a project that provides the best ROI.

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Blue bathroom, interior design by Kirkendall Design, Tulsa OK


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Source: Fortune Builders Top 10 Home Improvements with the Highest ROI


New Year, New Look

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Simple Ways to Update Your Home

I don’t know about you, but after the holiday decor is all boxed up and put away I am always ready for a little design refresh in my home. I often hear the same thing from clients so I thought I would share some easy tips for breathing new life into your home this month.


The easiest way to make a change in your decor has and always will be with your accessories. But—here is the fun part, and a shift that has me very excited—I am seeing people gravitate towards incorporating family heirlooms and vintage/organic pieces into their homes again.

I’ve had several clients want to keep and display meaningful pieces they have either inherited or come across. For example, one client had three grandfather clocks. We discarded one and kept the other two, saving one from each side of the family. We gave them both a fresh coat of high-gloss paint and now they are the showstopper in her home. With another client, instead of hiding her expansive collection of barware, we chose to display it all in the bar area which in turn created a truly unique design statement. It’s all about finding creative ways to breathe new life into pieces that are meaningful to you. Don’t just keep them to keep them! Instead, update them, rethink them and give them a significant place in your home. The bonus is that yours will have something no other home will have—a truly one-of-a-kind design element!

If you haven’t inherited any wonderful pieces, don’t fret. Antique stores, resale shops and even various online sites can be a goldmine for quality pieces. Being one of eight siblings, I lost the bid for our family cookie jar when it went to my oldest brother. But, that heirloom was so special to me I eventually found an identical jar and bought it so I could incorporate it into my home. I love teasing my brother now and making him second guess who actually has the real deal! Likewise, I recently came across a vintage 1970s lamp that was incredibly well made and fit into today’s design aesthetic beautifully. It had a horrible shade, but I know that is an easy fix. I can’t wait to find the perfect home for it.


Thankfully, the trend over the past several years has been towards monochromatic, somewhat sparse spaces, which makes it very easy to introduce color in small, noncommittal ways. Think pillows, art and small accessories. Benjamin Moore did a great job capturing the color palettes we are asked about most as of late with their 2022 color story. The trend now in color is earthy—terra cotta (I love Benjamin Moore’s “Wildfire”), sage and deep charcoal blues. Benjamin Moore’s “Natural Linen” is a great neutral that is not gray. The neutral trend is here to stay, but it is trending warmer and this color hits the nail on the head. For white, I usually gravitate towards an off-white like Benjamin Moore’s “Wind’s Breath.”  You can find Benjamin Moore locally at Spectrum Paint.


Like I said, the neutral palette is still a strong trend whether it is your total color scheme or a backdrop to the earthy tones mentioned above. The key to making neutral interesting and pleasing to the eye, however, is texture, texture, texture. When it comes to pillows and throws, be sure to incorporate various materials. For accessories, think about layers and juxtaposing elements. Perhaps you have a beautiful bowl on your coffee table…try adding some moss balls. The harmonious blend of opposing materials will make your design pop.

If your home is ready for a refresh and you need our team to be your eyes and ears on the project, fill out a design request form HERE.  We’ll go from there!