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12 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh for Spring

Spring summer styled bedroom by Kirkendall Design, interior designer in Tulsa OK

Spring has sprung, and Summer is on its way! As the days get longer and the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home for a new season. But don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank or spend countless hours redecorating. We’ve gathered our favorite tips to make your home feel fresh and inviting for Spring and Summer. Get ready to transform your space with these simple and delightful ideas!

12 Ways for to Refresh Your Home for Spring

  1. Freshen up the exterior (power wash, clean out pots and add fresh flowers. More ideas in this blog post.)
  2. Hang a new wreath on your door (like a simple eucalyptus wreath)
  3. Try your green thumb indoors with succulents and other houseplants
  4. Clean your windows (this will let in a lot of natural light)
  5. Replace old, faded doormats (here are a few of our favorites)
  6. Bring out books that are reminiscent of summer (like The Picnic)
  7. Use these bug repellent fans on your patio for a pest-free dinner al fresco
  8. Change your bed linens to something lighter and brighter
  9. Swap out throw pillows and blankets on furniture (linen, bamboo, and cotton are all great textures for the warmer months)
  10. Add a summer scent like Illume’s blackberry absinthe aromatic diffuser
  11. Scatter summer pops of color with accessories
  12. Picture frames (swap out older pics for newer: vacation, summer sports, warm weather shots)

We love these easy and simple ideas to breathe new life into your home for Spring! If your home needs a little more attention to feel fresh, don’t let the overwhelm of picking out new furniture and decor stop you from creating a home that you love. You can put your trust in Kirkendall Design in Tulsa, OK to save you time, money, and deliver personalized interior design services that tell your story. Our team of top interior designers is committed to transforming your space into a true reflection of your personality. Take the initial step toward a beautifully designed home by entrusting Kirkendall Design with your furniture and decor needs.

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Spring home refresh ideas by Kirkendall Design, interior design in Tulsa OK

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