Last-Minute Hosting Essentials From Our Interior Design Team

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and we’ve got your last-minute hosting needs covered! From stylish serving ware to practical appliances and more, our carefully chosen items will add ease and a touch of charm to your gathering. Elevate your Thanksgiving effortlessly with these luxury, curated essentials from our interior design team. Shop on LTK.

amazon hosting essentials by Kirkendall Design interior design


1. Unscented Tapers | 2. Gold Candlestick Holders | 3. Cotton Linen Napkins | 4. Cheese Board Deck | 5. Dried Pampas Grass | 6. Champagne Flutes | 7.  Acacia Wooden Tray | 8. Slow Cooker Liners | 9. Faux Wood Charger | 10. Triple Slow Cooker

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