Julia Kirkendall founded Kirkendall Design on the belief that a beautifully designed home should be as personal as your signature. Over two decades later, Julia has expanded that vision to include both residential and corporate interiors, where she and her team design not only for the here and now but also for the future. 

Open and fluid communications are key contributors to Julia’s success. They allow clients to feel heard and understood, and they allow Julia to draw on what they’re saying, or discern what they’re not saying, in order to create remarkable interiors. Julia designs spaces where people live comfortably and work productively. By gaining an understanding of her client’s lifestyle, Julia’s interiors allow their personalities to shine through and be expressed throughout their surroundings.

Julia is driven by delivering results to her clients that demonstrate the highest order of function and the greatest appreciation of beauty. To produce those outcomes, Julia utilizes strategic thinking, while combining it with her willingness to take risks. Integrating both is what has allowed her firm to flourish and for Julia to become a leader of high-end design. With success has come recognition, and recently Julia was named IDS Designer of the Year, as well as having been recognized in local media as an influencer in today’s market. 

By finding ways to engage all 5 senses, Julia creates interiors that feel right and balanced. It is all part of what she strives to achieve every day: To elevate lives through beautiful design.