Julia is the Principal Designer and mastermind behind Kirkendall Design. She started the company in 1993 and has completed some amazing projects, both commercial and residential, over the course of the years. A big picture, strategic thinker, Julia takes a hands-on approach and her willingness to take risks has kept the firm on the leading edge of high-end design for decades.

Her passion for the field was evident as a child. Armed with paste, paint and a cardboard box, Julia turned recyclables into miniature dollhouses, complete with wallpapered walls, slip-covered furniture, window coverings, rugs and art. Being number five of eight children, she learned early on how to be heard and have confidence in her convictions. Julia was born and raised in Lima, Ohio, where her family lived in various era homes. This early exposure to great architecture came to have a lasting effect on Julia’s own personal style. 

Julia married Stan in 1981, and moved to Tulsa to attend school. They have three grown children (Adam, Jessalynn and Drew) and welcomed their first grandchild, Barrett in July 2018. She and Stan are looking forward to the next chapter of their lives, bonding with grandbaby, connecting with amazing clients and building relationships with friends.  

Julia thrives on the vision that every project is executed seamlessly and works closely with all parties to create liveable style for her clients. Outside of the office, Julia likes to travel and spend time outdoors. She believes nature has all the beauty and inspiration you need in design and will always be timeless.

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“What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, what if you fly?
– Erin Hanson