3 Dad-Inspired Chairs that Mom Will Love Too

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve selected our top three dad-inspired chairs we love (and think mom will too!) 1. Barstool Leather and metal combine to form this handsome, vintage-industrial barstool.  We think it would look pretty swanky bellied up to the bar or in a game room. 2. Arm Chair Great curves and detail…


2017 Kirkendall Design Summer Reading List

The phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” can be completely ignored if you happen to be a designer.  We like pretty books and judge them by their width, height, cover and spine because we use them as decorating elements often.  But books are also for reading.  So in the spirit of summer, here’s…


Liveable Spaces: The Kitchen

This month in our Liveable Spaces feature we’re talking about the hub of the home; the Kitchen.  This area of the home sees a lot more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s where all the cookery takes place and memories are made. Take a look at some of our favorite design features that make for knockout…