Liveable Spaces: Workspaces

This month we’re discussing workspaces in our Liveable Spaces feature.  So, what makes for great design in a home office or study nook? First, we always consider how our clients will use the space because this dictates how we design it. Secondly, we believe really good design comes together when it reflects who our client is…


Bold Butterfly Decor

You heard it here first people.  Butterflies are fluttering into the world of interior design.  These little symbols of change, hope and life are not new to home decor but they’re definitely trending in new sophisticated ways. Butterflies are appearing on everything from fabric, wallpaper, art and even fashion.  We’re not saying this trend will create a butterfly effect (pun intended) but since March…


St. Patrick’s Day: {PIN}CH Worthy Green Decor

Shamrocks, leprechauns, and luck of the Irish!  The color green has long been associated with St. Patrick’s Day and since Greenery was named the 2017 Color of the Year, this vibrant hue is popping up everywhere this spring.  To celebrate, we wanted to share some {PIN}CH worthy green decor that inspires us. Agate print wallpaper…