The Ladies Tool Bag

Ladies, we work hard! With all of the crazy in between schedules, the little things can often fall through the cracks. Whether it’s a quick fix around the house or an ongoing project, it’s important to get things organized before it’s actually needed. The ladies tool bag is the perfect bag to grab on the…


How To Set A Decorating Budget

Holidays are filled with the aroma of pumpkin pie, family snuggles, and BANK TRANSACTIONS!? For all of our decoration lovers there’s nothing better than some new additions to the guest bedroom or entertainment area. The only problem is that all of these cute features can add up quicker than expected. It’s all about planning the…


The Simple Pleasure of Summer Travels

Design can and should always be sought out when traveling. Not biased at all, of course. There’s always beauty that can be captured as new inspiration. I always make it a priority to dedicate at least one full day towards design during every trip, but anything is liable to happen after that. Between flights from…