7 Things to do Right After a Remodel

Have you recently built or remodeled a house?  Here are some guidelines to help you settle in and protect your new investment. Schedule a Post-Construction Clean Dust will be everywhere; on the window sills and molding, cabinets and overhead lights.  A good cleaning crew will take the time to clean and polish from top to…


Kirkendall Design Summer Reading List

jayne’s bookshelf: The Farm by Joanne Ramos Why:  Because it sounds like it will show the extremes in which you are willing to go to have a better life for you and your family. I Miss You When I Blink by M. L. Philpott Why: Reviews say this one is “relatable, uplifting, honest and poignant…


Ask KD: Q & A

In this post, we’re tackling questions about mixed metals and woods, favorite paint, plus sharing some of our favorite places to shop local for accessories! Q: How do you mix wood colors without clashing? Our rule of thumb is to stay within the same color tone or hue. This is especially important when you have…