3 Reasons to Hire An Interior Designer When Needing New Furniture

reasons to hire interior designer when needing new furniture

If you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and contemplating new furniture and decor or a home renovation, look no further than Kirkendall Design. As the leading interior designer in Tulsa, OK, with 30 years of expertise, we offer a unique blend of experience, creativity, and personalized style to turn your home into a true reflection of your personality. Here are three reasons why hiring an interior designer is essential to refresh your home in 2024.

1. Hiring An Interior Designer Saves You Time and Money

The furniture and decor retail scene has undergone significant changes and challenges in the last few years. Navigating this vast landscape can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and costly. When you hire an interior designer, like Kirkendall Design, you will save money and time.

Our industry partnerships give access to the best suppliers of quality, custom furniture not available in our area. We work alongside you to provide space plans for your furniture and select art and decor that compliments your style. We help determine the scale, size and layout of the room, helping you avoid costly mistakes. We provide expert guidance on what furniture fits your lifestyle, along with insights into the latest options in performance fabrics and finishes for all life stages. This saves you valuable time that would otherwise be spent researching brands online or, worse yet, traveling to a large retailer. Our new showroom in Tulsa, OK also allows you to see, touch, and feel some of our exclusive brands. 

2. Hiring An Interior Designer Gives You Expert Guidance and A Stress-Free Experience

With 30 years of interior design experience, Kirkendall Design offers unmatched expertise throughout your entire interior design journey. Choosing the right furniture and decor can be overwhelming, leading to stress and indecision. With our team of seasoned interior designers and our 3D interior rendering services, we can help you visualize your new furniture layout in photorealistic quality before you make a single purchase. Our goal is to bring your vision to life while relieving the burden of decision-making, allowing you to sit back and watch your space transform into a masterpiece.

3. Hiring An Interior Designer Gives You A More Personalized Home that Tells Your Unique Story

What sets Kirkendall Design apart is our dedication to creating spaces that tell your unique story. As one of the leading interior designers in Tulsa, OK, we take the time to understand your preferences, life stage, and values, translating them into a personalized design that reflects who you are. We love to combine your most precious and meaningful pieces  with high end, luxury furnishings that complete the overall design of your home. Our attention to detail, combined with a keen understanding of the latest interior design trends, ensures that your space will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also timeless.

Don’t let the overwhelm of picking out new furniture and decor stop you from creating a home that you love. You can put your trust in Kirkendall Design in Tulsa, OK to save you time, money and deliver personalized interior design services that tell your story. Our team of top interior designers will be committed to transforming your space into a true reflection of your personality. Take the initial step toward a beautifully designed home by entrusting Kirkendall Design with your furniture and decor needs. 

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