Many of us have a room in our home that is not used to its full capacity.  It could be a guest bedroom, dining room or formal living room.  At our Forest Hills Remodel, the red brick room was underutilized but had a lot of potential. The previous owner used it as an extra living room but when we saw the space, we visualized an executive corner office for our clients.  Scroll down to see the changes that we made…

Remodel : Kirkendall Design

Photography: Michael Hunter

The Pros:

  • Great views
  • Lots of natural light
  • Beautiful exposed brick wall

The Cons:

  • Low ceiling
  • Exterior heat & cold
  • Dated design details

The first thing to go was the low ceiling.  Fortunately there was attic space above the room which allowed us to raise the ceiling and put in an arched window.  This small detail brought in a lot of architectural interest to the room and made the room feel so much bigger.

A wood cornice was installed above the windows along with roller shades to combat the natural elements.  The old cafe curtains, which were faded and had sun rot, were replaced with new, UV-resistant window treatments.

The brick got a fresh coat of neutral paint, which softened and updated the overall aesthetics.

We went with carpet over wood for the flooring.  Carpet is a great insulator, helping to reduce noise and preventing cold from radiating throughout the room.

By casting a different vision for the room, the space is now used to its full capacity.

Thanks for touring Forest Hills.  Check back soon for future project updates and reveals.