We often wonder what people from 100 years ago would think about new technology like smart phones, self-driving cars, and the ways in which we communicate (Facetime, text and social media). But I also wonder what they would think about the rooms in our homes these days, specifically the kitchen.  So much has changed.

Here are seven things we appreciate in modern-day kitchens:

Wider Spaces Between Countertops

Ever noticed that out of the thousands of square footage under one roof, we are often within two feet of one another? Thank goodness for wide open spaces! This allows for multiple prep areas, as well as having enough elbow room to make your morning coffee.


Open concept kitchens and islands allow for extra seating and company.  We can usually fit an entire family around the kitchen island without infringing on the cook’s space.


Custom cabinets have revolutionized kitchen organization.  We can conceal small appliances behind cabinets but still keep toasters and mixers close at hand.  And with custom drawers, there’s a space for everything; Glassware, utensils, spices and more.

Appliances Big and Small

We have so many different ways to make cooking easier and fail-proof these days. Instant Pots, air fryers and slow cookers allow us to get dinner on the table without being glued to the stove all day.  Also trending are steam ovens, pro-style ranges and dishwashers with drying technologies such as PureDry.

Smart Speakers

“Alexa, play my kitchen playlist.”  Who would have imagined?  From hands-free timers and looking up recipes to converting measurements and making grocery lists, having an AI assistant like Alexa in the kitchen is the next best thing to having an assistant chef.


The role lighting plays in the modern kitchen is as much functional as it is decorative.  We use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to brighten up kitchen spaces.  Also worth mentioning is the amount of natural light we are able to incorporate through carefully placed windows.


Two words come to mind when I think about the evolution of countertops:  Durable and hygienic.  Materials such as quartz provide a surface in the kitchen that’s nearly indestructible, requires less maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors.

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