We know that everybody likes to gather in the kitchen.  But did you know there’s another place in the home that guests will naturally gravitate towards? Depending on where you live, it’s called a keeping room, den or hearth room.

A keeping room, as the name implies, “keeps” guests out of the kitchen and out of the cooks way.  It’s truly the best set up for entertaining if your floor plan will allow.

On our plans, we usually refer to these rooms as the hearth room.  They don’t always have to have a fireplace but often we do use a fireplace as the focal point in the room.  Here we bricked the entire wall and used a dark finished wood beam to break up the color and texture.  Between the neutral color palette and cozy textures, this is a favorite spot for relaxing, sleeping or studying.

Keeping rooms should have comfortable and durable furniture, a cocktail ottoman to hold cocktails and other beverages, and of course, the biggest TV the space will allow.  On weekends and holidays, this is where everyone will congregate to watch the big game.  Furniture that moves is also a must.  Swivel chairs allow those in the hearth room to turn and talk to family in the adjacent room, essentially bringing the two spaces together.

TV Wall: Schumacher//Harshaw Pinstripe Sisal

Many of our clients with young kids utilize keeping rooms to keep little hands out of the kitchen and entertained while meals are being prepped.  Because of the close proximity to the kitchen, parents can keep an eye on their children while getting dinner made.  A paneled wall with built in storage is the perfect catch-all for books, board games, coloring books, video games and all of the little bag of tricks parents use to keep kids entertained.

Wall Panel/Cabinet Color: Sherwin Williams 7018 Dovetail

We love these smaller rooms for gathering people and serving as an overflow area for entertaining.  Whether you call it a keeping room, den or hearth room, these spaces are much less fussy than a great room or living room and can be used in so many ways.

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