When we design spaces for families, one goal we have is to complete the whole experience of living in a beautiful and functional home.  Of course we want surroundings that are current and stylish but it’s equally as important that the design be all about the people living there and how they’ll be using the space.  Families need to be in a house that allows for work, play and rest.  Here are some ways we design with that intention in mind.

First let’s look at seating.  Family spaces need plenty of comfortable and durable seating.  A popular choice, that checks both boxes, are sectionals.  They come in many configurations and are available in performance fabrics, which can handle everyone piling on; muddy pets included!

“Keeping rooms” offer secondary seating.  These rooms are usually located right off of the kitchen and are less formal and much smaller than the main living room. Having comfortable seating within eyeshot of the kitchen is perfect for people with younger kids.  It makes it easier to keep one eye on little hands and one eye on the food.  As the kids get older or if you’re entertaining, a keeping room can help keep kitchen traffic to a minimum.

Many people are looking for new ways to entertain within their home.  Theater rooms and game rooms are filling in for the in-person events we haven’t been able to attend for some time now.  And for the adults, whiskey and wine rooms provide a great atmosphere for hosting happy hour at home.

Storage is always a welcome amenity in any space and even more so when you’re trying to keep multiple people organized.  We love a combination of cabinets and open shelving; The open shelves look pretty while the closed-cabinets conceal shoes, gloves, hats, umbrellas and anything else that needs to be stored. No matter what size space you have, creating a drop zone just inside or right outside the garage door will help keep everything contained.

Home offices are turning into co-working spaces, where all members of the family can work and study from home. With a little creativity, almost any room can function as a co-working space.

Now that we’ve talked about the interior of the home, let’s look at those outdoor spaces.  The square footage on your porch or patio should be an extension of your interiors.  This prime real estate can be used for everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to coffee, working and playing.  It’s also a perfect retreat when you just need a change of scenery.

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