If you’re reading this, you probably appreciate shows like the Home Edit and Tidying Up.  I thrive on systems to keep my interior design business running smoothly — as it turns out, I have some pretty methodical systems for managing Christmas too.  If you try any of these tips, I promise your 2021 self will thank you.

The Tree:
After you you decorate your tree, take a picture of it and print a copy.  Then, when you take your tree down after Christmas, put the photo in the bin with your tree decor.  The photo serves as a memory jogger so you’re not having to recreate the tree each year and wondering, “Did I do a bow at the top or did I do something different?” Take pictures of any other little holiday vignettes around the house and put them away with those decorations at the end of every season too.  It’s so helpful to know what’s in each tub without having to dig through it.

Storage and Organization:
Where do you put your everyday things when you’re trying to make room for holiday decor?  Here’s what works for me …Just like I have bins for the tree, I also have Christmas bins labeled living room, kitchen, dining room, foyer, etc.  My everyday accessories just swap places in the storage bins for the seasonal decor.  This way they’re safely stored and I know where to find everything after Christmas.  I take pictures of anything that is being moved so I know where it goes back.  This is a big time saver!  And time = sanity.

Keep a Tool Bag:
I keep my tool bag stocked year round for everyday projects.  I also rely on it when I’m decorating for Christmas.  Things like pipe cleaners, zip ties, and wire cutters always come in handy.  Here’s the complete list of things I keep in my tool bag: Ladies Tool Bag

Never allot storage space to things you won’t use again; Decide what you want to keep and let go of the rest. Containing Christmas is a much easier job when you’re only managing the things you love and use.

Hope this helps you contain your Christmas better!