If you’re looking for a new desk to spruce up your home office, here are a few that caught my eye at High Point market this past October.  Please excuse the amateur photography… I take lots of pictures to bring back to our design team; sometimes I pause and get a great shot, other times it’s more of a drive-by shooting! Either way, there was no shortage of fabulous desks at this market.  Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order:

I love that this desk is multifunctional; It can serve as a console table or as a sofa table but it is also a fully functioning desk when needed.

Check out the lines on this one!  It’s drool-worthy!

Here’s a great option for a teen’s room or smaller office.  The cubbies on the side can corral books, papers and more.  No guarantees, but it should make homework a little more bearable.

I can’t resist acrylic legs on furniture.  It’s just too good.  I love something like this for a feminine flair.

As soon as I saw this one, I knew I could design an entire room around this desk, or should I say work-of-art? Stay tuned… This one is enroute as I write this. I’ll show you how it looks installed and styled soon!

If your spirit animal is Carrie Bradshaw, this is the desk for you. It is the epitome of high end design.

There you have it!  If you’re planning a new home office, I hope this gives you some inspiration to get started– And if you run into any hurdles along the way, we’re just a call or email away.

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