When we work with a client for a period of time, a trusted partnership forms.  We get to know not only the client, but also their children, the housekeeper, the family dog, and sometimes even their parents and grandparents. We’ve had the privilege of helping many of these retired family members downsize or transition to a new home.

Here’s a peek into the design decisions we keep in mind while preparing seniors for a remodel or a move. 

Coming up with a Plan

This isn’t always easy on the parent or their adult children, but we’ve been able to make it a smoother transition by planning in advance.  We need to see how the person functions in the space and if they have any restrictions or disabilities.  Things like proper flooring, lever door knobs, hand-held shower heads, etc. should all be considered.  From lightening up the decor to complete remodels, we design and plan the work that needs to be done first.

Editing Items

Next, we begin editing items in the home.  It’s time to let go of all the non- essential home decor and furnishings.  We take measurements of large pieces of furniture and decide if they’ll work in the new space or if new pieces need to be purchased.

Executing Design Details

Old or young, we’ve never heard anybody say they love to move…. but executing the design details after the move is fun!  How a client will use a space dictates our design of it. We think about who they are today, as well as the journey that brought them here. The result is a more manageable space that is comfortable, meaningful and as personal as their own signature. 

This memory wall is a precious reminder of all the places the client traveled over the years.