Today we’re answering some of the most common questions we get asked about furniture so you can pick furniture like a pro!  When we’re working with clients, our first item of business is getting to know them; who they are and how they will be using the space. Taking time to understand your current lifestyle and needs prior to making any furniture selections is key. With this in mind, make a mental note of the areas of the house you use the most.  Are they functioning well and what could be done to make them function even better?  Once you have an idea of what’s needed, you can dive in to looking for functional and beautiful furniture that will fit your needs.  Here are a few questions to ponder as you make these purchasing decisions:

Is it durable?
We all want something that looks nice but can also stand up to life’s little mishaps. Our top choice for draperies, headboards, ottomans, accent chairs and sofas is performance fabrics. These fabrics are not only gorgeous but can also withstand everyday wear and tear from kids and pets.

For wood furniture, ask for hardwood options like oak, maple or birch, which are less prone to scratching.

Is it comfortable?
If you’re buying in person, you have the luxury of trying it out yourself.  Don’t sit in the center of a sofa.  Move to an outer edge like you would at home and see how it feels.  If you’re buying online, read, read, read the reviews.  You’ll find out all kinds of details about the comfort and quality from honest reviewers.  If you’re working with our design team, rest assured we have shopped the largest furniture markets for classic pieces that are both durable and comfortable.  We can recommend a style and fabric that will be customized for your specific needs.  We do our own “sit tests” at market so we can bring back the very best to our clients.

I can’t picture what this will look like!? 
We use professional design tools to create visuals for our clients so they can see what everything will look like in their home. Free platforms, such as Canva or Pinterest, are great for creating similar visuals or mood boards and makes it easy to check the cohesiveness of the design.

Is it too trendy?
In a world full of trends, remain a classic!  You never want to get locked into decorating around a trend.  Keep your core pieces classic and add in some popular colors and prints with accessories, rugs, or art.  Incorporate new and old pieces to make everything feel polished and updated.

If you’re still not sure where to begin, we can help!  Our design team can be a fresh set of eyes to help you make the best furniture selections that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.  Fill out a design request HERE.