How do I mix lighting styles in an open concept kitchen?

  • Stick with two finishes (example: matte black and brushed brass)
  • Use different and contrasting shapes: (example: shades on one fixture, no shade on the other fixture. Or open bulb on one fixture filtered bulb on the other)
mixed finishes

How do I to choose pendant lights for my kitchen island?

  • Go for a larger pendant, anything under 12″ is usually too small for the space unless you are going ultra modern or country style.
large industrial pendant lights

How high should I hang my kitchen island pendants?

  • If you have an 8′-9′ ceiling you would hang your pendants 33-34″ above the countertop. If the ceiling is higher you would increase 1″ per foot with 35″ being a sweet spot.

What additional lighting do I need?
  • Recessed can lighting or LED disc lights are great for pathways around the kitchen.
  • Task lighting can be used under your upper cabinets.  This makes for great ambient light.
  • For kitchens that do not have much natural light, upper cabinet lighting can brighten a space without adding more direct lighting.  LED tape lighting is commonly used for this purpose.
  • Night lighting can be accomplished by adding toe-kick lighting under the base of the cabinets.  These are typically on a motion detector or separate switch or dimmer.
recessed lighting used to light kitchen path