There’s something particularly wonderful about summer reading season.  Maybe it’s the relaxation, sunshine, or escape (most likely a combination of all three!)

With the preface that we have not yet read all of these, we’re so excited to share what’s on our summer reading list for 2020.  We’re branching out beyond our coffee table book collection to give you a glimpse of what we’re into when we’re not in the office.

Natalie Jill’s 7 Day Jump Start on Lora’s list

“I’m always up for learning more about healthy eating choices.”

The Price of Paradise on Jayne’s list

“It’s a great historical love story that spans 50 years. Loved reading about the post war glamour and glitz of Havana, Cuba. The culture, the fashion, and the corruptness that was not so hidden.”

The Vanishing Half also on Jaynes’s list

“It’s 20 years in the life of twin sisters who are African American who decide to live different lives. One living a life passing as white, the other one not.”

Practical Ayurveda on Heather’s list

“I hadn’t heard of ayurveda until a recent google search landed me on a “dosha quiz.” Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic, whole-body healing systems.  I’m excited to learn more, as it’s all still pretty confusing to me.”

The Little Paris Bookshop also on Heather’s list

This is the story of a bookstore owner who prescribes novels for the hardships of life. Using intuition alone, he recommends the exact book his customers need. Funny thing: a Barnes and Noble employee actually told me about this book… I’ll give it a shot and see how she did.”

Regretting You on Lindsay’s list

“In short, this book is emotional. I went into reading this book without much research. It came recommended (and actually sent to me after my friend was done with her copy) and I just dove right in. It is raw and the dialogue is sharp. The alternating chapters between mom and daughter left me wanting to know the next story angle.”

Verity also on Lindsay’s list

“This one came highly recommended by two trusty sources when I posted on instagram I was reading Regretting You. I haven’t started this one yet, but I anticipate starting the same way I did with Regretting You–going in blind and not turning back.”

Beautiful Boards on Debbie’s list

“I got this book as a gift from my daughter in law and love it!  I’ve already given several copies as gifts.  I absolutely love a good charcuterie board and this book has one for every occasion.”

The Nightingale on Julia’s list

“My next book is The Nightingale!  I love period fiction and Hannah Kristen’s way of writing is so engaging.  I can turn everything off and lose myself in France during WWII.”

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