1. Tidy up

Anytime you’re updating a space, it’s best to start with a good purge and cleaning.  Start with clearing off the cabinets, getting rid of anything from the shower you don’t need (empty bottles, old products that aren’t being used) and throw all hand towels and bath rugs in the washing machine.  Next, give everything a good scrub.  We found lots of bath and makeup storage options at the Container Store and all of these items are currently 20% off. You might also consider replacing your drawer liners.

2. Replace Hardware

Knobs and pulls are quick and easy to replace.  Measure first so you get the right size.  If your bathroom is traditional and you want it to have a more modern feel, choose a sleek hardware with clean lines.  You can find some great hardwood options at BUILD.COM


3. Re-Accessorize or De-Accessorize

It’s ok to keep accessories to a minimum in the bathroom.  After all, the bathroom is a working space so you definitely need that countertop space for your morning and nighttime routines. A pretty tray, a nice soap dispenser and a touch of greenery is plenty.


4. Paint the Walls

Some might argue that painting is far from simple, but in a small space it shouldn’t take long and can actually be very meditative.  With that in mind, painting makes our list for being an easy and inexpensive way to drastically update your bathroom.  This breezy blue color is “Stardew” by Sherwin Williams.

5. Lighting

If you’re interested in updating your lighting, there are many affordable options online.  Replacing old light fixtures in your bathroom will not only update your space significantly it will also help save on energy costs by switching to LED. Try Wayfair or Overstock for some great designer options on a budget.

Time for the finishing touches:  Grab your freshly laundered bath rugs and towels and place them back in the bathroom.  For an in-home spa-like feel, light a candle or plug in an essential oil diffuser.  We think you’re going to enjoy the new aesthetics!  

If you give any of these updates a go, we’d love to see!  Send your before & after pic to: info@kirkendalldesign.com with the subject line: At Home with Kirkendall Design/ Bathroom update.