If you want your bed to look perfectly styled, like it came straight from the feed of a high-end home decor store, here are three tricks of the trade:


Designers and home decor stores alike always use layers when assembling bedding. The five basic layers are:

  • Sheets- White or soft pastels make for a clean, crisp, neutral palette
  • Coverlet- Fold and tuck around the mattress
  • Quilt or Duvet- Folded at the foot of the bed
  • Pillows- For a king size bed: (3) euro-sized pillows placed closest to the headboard, (2) king-sized shams placed in front of the euros, (1-3) accent pillows
  • Throw Blanket- Draped at the foot of the bed


Incorporating the layering basics above will naturally add some dimension and texture.  Additional texture should be used sparingly.  For example, if your coverlet has a lot of texture, we might recommend a smooth linen for the the duvet and shams.  One or the other should have texture but not both.


Choose coverlets in a neutral tone and bring in color or bolder patterns with accent pillows and a throw. Euro shams give height and also provide a great background for additional layering.  Bringing in pattern with euro shams can add interest while still keeping the overall palette soft.

Whether you want a soft, relaxed look or a bold, eclectic look, these are just a few guidelines (not hard and fast rules).  At the end of the day, your bed should make you feel pampered and well-rested.