1- Swap out pillows – spruce up the sofa by swapping out pillows.  In the spring, we opt for linen or cotton blend pillow covers and in the fall we’ll go with a heavier fabric, such as wool or a chunky knit.  

2- Bring in a statement piece –  Every room should have a “wow” piece like this bar cabinet.  This can be accomplished with art or accessories too.  Never mind what’s normal; shake things up! 

3- Rearrange furniture – You can make a dramatic change to any room by simply moving furniture.  If you need help with this, space planning is a popular service we offer.  Whether you need more seating options in a room or just need the room to flow better, this is something we can do with a minimal appointment.  

4- Roll out a rug – Area rugs add texture and warmth to the home.  They can also be used to ground the furniture within a space.  

5- Update accessories  A new mirror, fresh flowers, and a unique lamp or two can instantly change the feel of a room.

6- Clear countertops – Countertops can quickly become the official drop-zone of the home.  Take time each day to reroute miscellaneous items into their correct place. Keeping countertops clutter-free not only makes the house look neater, it makes food prep that much easier too!  

7- Organize Junk drawers – Every house has one – or two or five – Organize junk drawers regularly to keep them from overflowing.  

8- Detangle kitchen tools – Make items easier to find by detangling your kitchen tools with dividers.  We love these bamboo dividers from Amazon.  

9- Sort toys – If you have kids, selling or donating unused toys can be a game changer in a playroom or child’s bedroom. These items take up a lot of space so sorting through them a few times a year will not only freshen the space but also leave more room to play.

10- Find a home for remote controls – Place remotes in an organized drawer to keep them from creating clutter.  We also like to use decorative boxes on a coffee table to store remotes.  

11- Edit bookshelves – Take inventory of what’s currently on your bookshelves.  Edit each shelf, making sure items haven’t shifted.  If you have picture frames on your shelves, now is a good time to swap out old pictures with current ones. 

12- Add character to the entry – Nothing is more welcoming than a bright, clean entry.  Start with freshening up an old wreath or hang a new one.  Put out a new doormat.  Give the porch a good sweep.  Change out any burned out bulbs.  These fixes take little time but can breathe new life into your home each season.

13- Get a houseplant –  Plants are multifunctional. They can add color, texture, personality and life to an otherwise bland space.  If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants will work too!

14- Replace lighting – We’re often asked, “what’s the quickest way to update a room?”  Our go-to answer is usually lighting; whether it be recessed lighting or a hanging chandelier, changing your lighting can change a lot.

15- Incorporate natural materials – Nature is one thing that never goes out of style, so we always recommend bringing in some type of natural material to add warmth and texture to your home.  Wood is a great option, especially in the kitchen.  From cutting boards and trays to functional utensils, there are plenty of ways to incorporate wood in the design. 

16- Make the bed – Do you make your bed every day? It will make the room look cleaner and collected!

17- Hang wall art – Art is an opportunity to get creative and add personality throughout the home.  We’re fortunate to have a ton of great art vendors to resource unique art for our clients.  This snorkeler is one of our favorites!  

18- Hide cords – Hide and secure cables and cords throughout the home.  This looks nice and also protects children and pets.  

19- Paint the room neutral – This is another way to instantly update your space.  We recommend simple wall colors, which will leave opportunity to add color with art and accessories.  See some of our favorite neutral paint colors here.  

20- Change scents – After you’ve refreshed your home, add a new scent to the air with a candle or diffuser.  Choose a fragrance you love and kick back and enjoy your beautiful space!