Whenever we’re working on a design project, we never want our clients to walk into a home that feels like it’s out of a magazine.  We always want the home to feel as personal as one’s own signature.  This holds true even during the holiday season. See how our principal designer, Julia Kirkendall brings in unique and personal items to stage our Marvelous Midtown project for the holidays!

It only takes a little bit of seasonal whimsy to make a home feel festive. Most of us have stemware or mugs that can easily be incorporated into the existing decor. Even if you don’t have seasonal glassware, you can always add candy canes, marshmallows or a sprig of holly to everyday items to dress it up.

It’s a Kirkendall tradition to collect items from nature walks and arrange them in a planter.  At Christmas, Julia will mix in a bell, ribbon and a little bit of frosted boxwood in with these hiking trail treasures.  This is especially fun with younger kids.  You can set out with the intent of finding branches, pinecones or pretty leaves and turn the experience into an educational one as well.

Many people have some kind of holiday obsession; It might be snowmen, nutcrackers, or angels.  For the Kirkendalls, it’s mangers.  Every year Julia gets her kids a new nativity set.

Julia has always had an affinity for books.  So at Christmas time, she pulls out some of her favorite holiday books and places them throughout the house.  She also loves mixing old with new… Many of our client’s will recognize the chocolate Santa’s on display in the background.  These were used at many client’s homes over the years and she couldn’t resist bringing them back out at Marvelous Midtown… You might say they hold Santa-mental value!

As for the exterior, Julia keeps it classic.  “White is always a winner on the house, green for bushes with some red mixed in.”

Adding your family’s traditions and touches to your home is a great way to personalize your decor and celebrate the season!  What special traditions does your family look forward to each year?