When it comes to furniture, we all want something that looks nice but is also practical.  With performance fabrics, we’re able to give our clients just that— gorgeous furniture that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Performance fabrics are a no-brainer for households with kids and pets (although some of our clients would argue that the husband contributes to the most wear and tear around the house!)

We’re staying neutral on this debate and saying;  Performance fabrics are for anybody and everybody who actually LIVES in their home.

Performance can mean a lot of different things to different people, so we reached out to InsideOut Performance Fabric’s Vice President of Sales, Patrick Shelton to break down exactly what performance fabrics can and can’t do.

Performance fabrics can be used everywhere, making them a great choice for drapery, headboards, ottomans, accent chairs and sofas.  Shelton suggest pet owners go with a tighter, flatter weave, which helps lessen the risk of pulls from claws. “Fabrics with chunkier textures are more prone to pulls,” Shelton says. “While performance fabrics are easy to clean and great for spaces that are truly lived in, they are not indestructible. They will not withstand heavy clawing or biting.” 

He also advises not exposing performance fabrics to high heat, such as an iron or dryer.  “Many performance fabrics contain at least a small percentage of Olefin, which can melt at temperatures over 180 degrees,” Shelton says.  The company recommends regular vacuuming, with a soft bristled brush or standard vacuum hose and an occasional steam cleaning, to keep finishes looking new. “A lot of soap or bleach is not necessary,” Shelton says.  “Using too much soap or not thoroughly rinsing the soap out may cause a water ring on the fabric.”

InsideOut fabrics are essentially an “All-In-One,” meaning they check all the boxes when it comes to performance fabrics.

The boxes:

  • Pill Resistant
  • Standard stains can be easily cleaned with soap and water (dirt, liquids, food)
  • Tougher stains can be cleaned with diluted bleach without harming or discoloring the fabric (red wine, marker)
  • Repels liquid to help prevent stains
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (also qualified for commercial use)
  • Fade resistant
  • Quick drying
  • Anti-mildew
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No PFC chemicals used 
  • Made in the USA 

Thanks to performance fabrics, we can have pretty & practical things!  For more information or to receive a copy of our performance fabrics cleaning guide, please email us at: info@kirkendalldesign.com