Renovations.  The word alone can be intimidating for some.  But it’s something that every home eventually needs; And we’ve always enjoyed the challenge of a renovation!  Whether it’s a complete remodel or a simple redesign, we hear what people call us for and look for creative ways to address their design issues. If you’re considering making some updates to your home, keep reading… With the right vision, resources and timeline, anything is possible! 

Where to Begin

You’ve probably pinned decorating ideas to Pinterest or added inspiration photos to an ideabook on Houzz.  But even with the best ideas and intentions, renovations can quickly snowball. Gathering photos online is a good start, but having a designer step in and execute a design plan can prevent you from spiraling down the “remodel” rabbit hole.  

Kitchen before

What You See as Your Biggest Detriment, We See as our Greatest Opportunity for Change

Common areas like the kitchen, living room and dining room are usually at the top of the list to renovate.  This is where we spend the majority of our time living and entertaining.  Think about the gathering spots in your home, then ask yourself if they’re functioning how you would like.  Make a list of the current design drawbacks. This list will become the greatest areas of opportunity for change.

Butler’s Pantry before
Dining before

Good Design Takes Time

Once we’ve confronted any design dilemmas, it’s time to select the options within the scope of the project.  Since many of our clients host parties and events during the holiday months, we always encourage them to start this process in the summer or early fall so their project is completely wrapped up prior to November/December.

Living before

Ready To Do This?

Check out the after photos from this project below!  If you’ve been on the fence with your remodeling project, we hope this inspires you to take the first step.

FACT: How your home looks today and how it will look in just a few short months will likely be dramatically different- isn’t that exciting!   Browse our design services here.