Have you recently built or remodeled a house?  Here are some guidelines to help you settle in and protect your new investment.

Schedule a Post-Construction Clean
Dust will be everywhere; on the window sills and molding, cabinets and overhead lights.  A good cleaning crew will take the time to clean and polish from top to bottom so your home is ready for move-in day.

Have Air Ducts Cleaned
After your construction clean, you’ll also want to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust and debris that settles in your air ducts during the construction phase.

Register Warranty Items 
Doing so secures the most accurate warranty coverage and proof of ownership.  Typically the manufacturer has little to no contact info from the buyer.  When you register your appliances this also provides a way for the manufacturer to contact you in case of a safety recall or warranty service update.

Protect Floors
Put felt pads on furniture to prevent scratches on hardwood floors.  You can pick these up at any home improvement store.

Ask for a list of the sub-contractors who worked on your project (E.g., plumber, painter, heat and air company, electrician, tile person, carpenter, etc.). This group of contacts is indispensable when something needs to be repaired or replaced down the road.

Numerous people come through a home during construction.  Err on the side of caution and change your security codes, garage codes and locks after the project comes to completion.

Create a Safe-Keeping File
This can be a physical or digital file (or a combination of both) to organize all the new things pertaining to your home.  Keep any owner’s manuals or maintenance instructions and receipts here for quick reference. File records of your paint, stain, tile, grout, and appliance selections to serve as a memory jogger when needed.

The home needs to be a place we go to reset and recharge.  By taking the time to check off the last few to-dos after a remodel, we believe you’ll be able to do just that!