This weekend we spring forward!  Here are six tips we think will help freshen and get your home ready for easter, graduation or any other gatherings you might be hosting this spring!


1 – Edit Bookshelves

Items on shelves always get moved around during cleaning so it’s a good idea to give this area a little consideration this weekend.  Take a minute to move misplaced items back where they belong.  You can also mix in some fresh accessories.  This is a quick way to freshen your bookshelves.

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2 – Entry

The front door is the first “handshake” when people come to your house.  Take a broom and clear away any leaves, dirt or cobwebs that may have accumulated over winter.  Shake out the doormat or purchase a new one.  They tend to fade over time and are inexpensive to replace.  Hang a cute spring wreath on the door and start planning your spring containers for when the weather eventually warms up!


3 – Picture Frames

Dive in to those pics on your phone and select a few to print and frame.  It’s something that we forget to do but so fun to have these memories around the house.  You could even put out some classic spring throwbacks (think pics of easter egg hunts or with the easter bunny!)

4 – Throw Pillows

Toss in some new throw pillows to change up the feel of your space.  This is a great way to add new color and texture for spring.

5 – Switch out Home Fragrance

Scent is such a personal thing but can boost your mood when your home feels clean and fresh.  Whether you like fruity or floral scents or something more musky, change out your fragrances to something that feels like spring to you.  This can include not only candles and diffusers, but hand soaps and lotions too.

6 – Change Clocks

This is the obvious one, right!?  Thankfully, most clocks change automatically but there’s always one or two that still need a human to go in and manually make the change.

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We’re excited for longer hours of sunlight ahead!  Are you?


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