The first of the year is a great time to start your interior projects… like remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or even your closet! In this post, we’ll touch on some of the tips we’ve given to our clients to help them design their dream closet with beautiful lighting, hardware, seating and flooring options.

Gussy up your lighting
It’s tempting to want to skimp when it comes to light fixtures in the closet, but nothing elevates a closet like pretty lighting. We’ve installed every combination of lighting imaginable. From recessed lighting mixed with a gorgeous chandelier to strategically placed task lighting.  The key is making sure there’s ample lighting for the space.

A great solution to illuminating clothing and other hanging items is an LED closet rod.  Essentially this is a rod that focuses bright light over clothing to simplify color coordination and selection.  We saw this technology in action at this month’s lighting show in Dallas.

Kichler LED Rod at Dallas Market

Knobs & Pulls
Beautiful hardware is great for aesthetics and functionality. Much like the jewelry that’s stored within the cabinet, the perfect knob or pull is the little detail that pulls everything together. It’s also worth mentioning that having a built-in cabinet for jewelry and other accessories is a smart way to organize personal items. Everything is so easy to see and makes getting ready in the morning an easier task.

Another great tip is to place a small bench or ottoman in your closet.  This provides a spot to sit and put on your shoes in the morning or to lay out clothing for the next day.  It’s particularly nice for older homeowners to have a designated place to sit and dress.

What’s in the adjoining room often dictates the flooring in the closet.  Many people still choose carpet for this area because it seems to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Opt for a nice neutral over a bold pattern so it doesn’t compete with your attention. As weird as it sounds, it can be a challenge to put together an outfit when the carpet is clashing with the shirt you’re trying to pick out.

The rich feel of wood in a closet is also a very popular choice.  It’s a good neutral backdrop and gives the space a clean, retail-like feel.  It also makes sweeping under clothes a breeze.


PRO TIP:  One of our favorite places to shop for unique closet organizers is IKEA. They have lots of different components to help organize and simplify your closet.

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