With a new year here, many start thinking about a new list of things they want to accomplish around the house. Now is the perfect time to put together a project to-do list and prioritize it. If the mere thought of this makes you cringe, we can help!

January is a great month to start your interior projects, like remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or even your closet. A total kitchen remodel would average $30K to $90K and a bathroom $7K-$20K, and would include new cabinets, counter tops, appliances, plumbing, light fixtures, paint and flooring. From concept to completion, we’re looking at 8-12 weeks.

Early spring is the best time to start those outdoor projects. Adding a new outdoor entertaining space, replacing old light fixtures, resurfacing your patios, ordering new outdoor furniture, and planning a new landscape along with any needed paint and stain on your house takes some time and planning.

As June and the summer months approach, it’s good to begin thinking about freshening up your living spaces and bedrooms. Whether it’s just a new paint color or a complete redesign of the space, tackling it during the summer months allows you to have a mess inside while you enjoy the outdoors. Take inventory of your current furniture and decide what you can reuse and what needs replaced. For all new furnishings in a living room, you could expect to spend $20K, depending on the size and style. Sometimes painting an old furniture piece can make it look new again and save some money. Set a budget and let us see how far we can make it go!

stacked stone fireplace

We always try to wrap up any big remodel projects by the holidays. To be able to do this, we schedule many of our projects six months in advance. This gives us time to develop a timeline for your project and execute the design on time and on budget.

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