Welcome to our Refined-Ranch South project! This remodel was a wonderful collaboration with Terra Nova Properties and was recently featured in Oklahoma Magazine.  There’s so much to take in and notice. Let’s get to looking!

The grand living room is the first room that greets you when you walk through the front entry. Before the remodel, two large stone pillars and heavy dark cedar beams were the focal point of this room. Just past these obstacles was a large, spacious living room with a stone fireplace.  We love the stone used on the exterior of the house but it was overdone and heavy when used in the interior. The fireplace was flanked by a door to the patio and a single window, which didn’t match. The homeowners allowed us to replace those with two large matching picture windows and a transom was added to the top of each window. We were able to remove the stone columns and beam by redistributing the weight of the roof. Ready for the before & after??


Next up, we’ll take you on a tour of the kitchen and baths in this home!  Stay tuned for Refined-Ranch South: Vol. 2.