1- Clear Shelves

The first step in almost any new project is editing through the clutter.  Start by clearing everything off the shelves and giving the area a good wipe-down.

2- Decide What Items to Display

This is where most people get stuck.  Here’s our expert advice: If you don’t love it, discard it!

We generally start with books to begin filling shelves and building height.  If you have a favorite past-time, collect books on that particular subject.  For example, if you love to travel, pick up a pretty book from every place you visit.  You’ll be reminded of your favorite places every time you walk by and see your pretty books displayed.

Next, go back and fill in the gaps with other accessories.  Be mindful of color, texture, and scale.  You don’t want a shelf full of just shiny objects or too many colorways.  You also don’t want a bunch of tiny tchotchkes that get lost in the mix either.

Another accessory we like to use when styling a shelf is picture frames.  Kind of a given right!? But to add a designer touch, we only use current or vintage photos, never anything in between.

3- Rule of Three

When it comes to professional styling, the “rule of three” is good place to begin.  Items look better when grouped in odd numbers and as you begin to organize these items, we recommend placing items shortest to tallest from left to right and front to back. Three similar items grouped together is a textbook designer move.

4- Step Back

Throughout the process, take a step back and see how it looks from a distance, even snap a pic with your phone.  This will give you a different perspective and help you see what sections look great and which need more love.

5- Lighting

This can be accomplished by using a small accent lamp or LED tape lighting.  This trick of the trade will add ambiance and highlight your new sleek and stylish shelf display.

Ready to style your shelves like a pro?  We believe that good design is as personal as your signature… Have fun with it and challenge yourself to make your shelves current, stylish and reflective of your beautiful personality.