Traveling to markets, design conferences and networking with other designers throughout the country helps our team keep a pulse on what we’re expecting to see in the design industry for the upcoming year. I recently attended High Point Market in North Carolina and wanted to share what caught my eye this year.

Ready to go on a virtual tour with me through the showrooms of High Point Market?  Let’s go!!!


Chrome, gold, black, and white are mixed with warmer tones such as matte black, satin brass, bronze and satin nickel. Glass is more solid, not as much “bling” and the overall design is more streamline and classic.

Textiles & Patterns:

Bold print is everywhere, from fabric, wallpaper, rugs and art, beautiful bold patterns are back.  Shibori, a Japanese dyeing technique is one of our fav “bold” looks right now.


Classic styles are showing soft curves, scandinavian influences are on the rise and true craftsmanship is being sought after by the consumer. Knowing the story of where and how the furniture came to be gives us a sense of being connected.


Whimsical vases are fun for spring and can be used in many ways. Simple statement pieces, mixed in with meaningful pieces from the client bring a room together and add that unique personality that we look for in every design.