The main paint color in your house is usually referred to as the field color. This week we are uncovering some of our best, “tried and true” neutral field colors.

Selecting an overall paint color can be overwhelming, but a trained eye can help nail the perfect neutral. Designers will look at the big picture; taking in to account the amount of natural light, the exterior surroundings, the size of the room and any permanent fixtures such as granite and cabinets. These factors all play an important role in the paint selection process. Getting it right- versus winging it- will make the whole project look polished and cohesive.

Here are the four neutral interior paint colors we’re obsessing over from Sherwin Williams… You’ll notice they’re all very similar but the subtle difference in hue makes a big difference!

Repose Grey SW7015
Worldly Gray SW7043
Anew Grey SW7030
Accessible Beige SW7036

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