feature wall

A feature wall is an easy and inexpensive way to dramatically update your space.  The best way to embrace this trend is to go a few shades darker than your existing field color. Punctuating your feature wall with lighter accessories, artwork, and furniture will freshen the room and give it a clean, current vibe.

Dark gray feature wall | Kirkendall Design

fringe, wood, crystals, & natural fibers

Fringe, pom-poms and tassels are everywhere this season… from pillows to purses, we’re absolutely loving a little flirty fringe!

Space Dye Tassel Pillow | Bloomingdales

Add a touch of timber to bring warmth and texture in to a space.  A perfect spot to incorporate wood elements is the kitchen.

Natural wood elements against white backsplash | Kirkendall Design

If you’re looking to add a solid statement piece to your decor, go with crystal. These natural beauties can be used to embellish light fixtures bookcases and hardware.  Our neighboring state, Arkansas, has some of the best crystal in the world and many of the mines will even let you dig your own.

Crystal drawer pulls |

Natural fibers are just as big in interiors this spring as they are in fashion. Our team was quick to spot these trends on Pinterest and add them to our SPRING FASHION board. Fashion runways always influence the interior design world, so as a design team, we like to have our fingers on the pulse of both.

Pinterest Spring Fashion | Kirkendall Design


We say it all the time, nature will always be in style! Snake plants (sanseveria) are currently our go-to houseplant. The snake plant loves to be ignored and we can all appreciate a low-maintenance house plant!  If you have a green thumb, by all means, adopt a beautiful fiddle leaf fig.  This plant is in all of the swanky home decor magazines and looks totally chic, but it’s a tough one to keep alive.  If you like the look but don’t have a green thumb, we recommend opting for one of the synthetic, silk varieties.

Sanseveria in black modern plant stand | Kirkendall Design

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