The most central object in a living room is often the coffee table. It’s a piece for functionality as well as style. Coffee tables are a place to practice creativity as well as a place to relax and kick your feet up for the night. Being the central object in the room, it brings the space together. Needless to say, how the table is styled is important.

Create Height & Layers

A great way to add height to your coffee table is by stacking books or magazines on top of each other. This gives guests something to browse through while adding to the aesthetics of your table. Small decorations can even be added on top of the books or magazines to add another layer. Always make sure to have the biggest books at the bottom and work up in size. Small decorative boxes can also be stacked for height.


We always like bringing nature in to the design with plants or florals.  Whether faux or living, a little greenery always adds a fresh touch and a bit of color.

Drop the Clutter, Go Simple

Coffee tables can quickly become a dumping ground for just about everything. It can be easy to start a growing pile of junk. This can also be said of the accessories that are used on the table. Instead of adding to the chaos, keep the table simple by using fewer items. There’s no need to have a plant, a tray, books, a vase, a sculpture, and baskets. Pick a few that go together well and use the other items somewhere else.

Pop of Personality

The coffee table is the perfect spot to let your personality shine through.  It’s a place to incorporate collectibles, antiques or items with sentimental value.  These personal accessories will be the conversation pieces of all your future gatherings and holidays.

What are some of your favorite ways to style your coffee table? Do you crave simplicity or love expressing your unique personality? Let us know by tagging @kirkendalldesign in your styled coffee table!