One of the ways we create custom design is by finding new products and resources at High Point Furniture Market.  Every piece that goes into a room contributes to the overall look and we believe that good design should be as personal as your signature. We’ve found many signature pieces that are tried and true by our design team.  We’ve picked a few of our past favorites to showcase!


The first option is a transitional take on a traditional style canopy bed.  We would use this in a bedroom with high ceilings to fill the space.

The second bed is tufted and maintains a classic look.  The curved headboard makes it different from the average upholstered bed and the sleek base gives it just a hint of modern style.





The first bench mixes a clean white leather with a fun bronze accent to add a trendy presence to any room. The grey bench’s wooden detail makes it really stand out.


Coffee Tables:

The sophisticated  coffee table on the left  is typically used for a more formal setting, but it is still practical and can hold things like remotes, magazines, etc. The brass accents also create a fun way to bring in a new metal.The square coffee table has a metal top making it a great option for a family room. Try adding books at the bottom of the table to add dimension.

Hanging Lights: 

The black and white pendant is a versatile look that comes in several finishes. Its old schoolhouse look is priceless. The chandelier is a fun glam look that we’ve used in master bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. The elegance of this lighting fixture sets it apart. The silver pendant on the right has an airy elegance that can be dressed up or down depending on the light bulb.


Living Room Chairs: 

Both chairs are great in any room and the large selection of fabrics and wood finishes make the possibilities endless. The back of the cream chair really sets it apart. It adds a bit of fun to an area that usually doesn’t get attention. The blue chair is a trendy color and adds an element of texture.


The first global rug constitutes of classic black & white mixed with a casual pattern. The pink rug is considered new traditional because it takes a twist on old patterns. It’s fun and playful. The navy rug is transitional and does not come off too busy. It is very soft and can be versatile in many spaces.

Dining Chairs: 

The upholstered chair is a great option for a dining chair because it has comfort and elegance. The wooden handle at the top also make it practical and keeps hands from dirtying up the fabric. The wooden chair is a classic look, but the x at the bottom adds extra flare.

We can’t wait for new pieces to fall in love with at High Point Market this week! Lots of new design inspiration to come.