Holidays are filled with the aroma of pumpkin pie, family snuggles, and BANK TRANSACTIONS!? For all of our decoration lovers there’s nothing better than some new additions to the guest bedroom or entertainment area. The only problem is that all of these cute features can add up quicker than expected. It’s all about planning the WHOLE job beforehand and setting a low, mid, or high budget plan.

  1.  Assess Home Maintenance

The first step in setting a budget is taking a walk through the home and assessing what actually needs to be done. There’s a difference between “aww that’d be so cute” and “the dog destroyed the room” if you know what I mean. It’s important to keep maintenance as a first priority and an eye for decorations secondary. This will guide the bulk of decorating expenses and determine a direction to move in.

  1.  Determine Biggest Impact

After deciding on what’s necessary to keep your home looking alive, it’s time to assess what will make the biggest impact in the space. This is when the focus goes from big picture to a more specified area. Questions should be asked at this point in the process. “How will it look if I keep my old rug in here? Are my pillows faded? Is my mirror outdated?” These should help you determine what will spruce up the room the most.

  1.  Furniture Placement 

Once areas of impact are located, it’s important to decide on how the furniture is used.The life of the furniture, durability, and who will use it are all determining factors. For example, the life of a 3-year sofa would put it in the mid budget range. A sofa needed for 5-10 years, however, will be in the mid-high budget range. Fabric type and style would also be a determining factor.

  1.  Accessorize Your Heart Out

With all big expenses decided on, the room has to be pulled together with cute accessories! Pick out art pieces, vases, greenery, etc. Whatever goes with your theme and makes you happy. Just keep in mind that trends don’t last forever.

This decorating budget is ready for action! Make a decision on the budget range according to your need, write everything down, and have some fun. If planning to decorate for the coming holidays, it’s important to purchase new furniture within the month of September. Holidays get busy and shipping can get backed up. Enjoy!

We’re always here to help.