[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the end of August comes to a close, we prepare to step into a season of change. Fall is quickly approaching and with it, new inspirations! This month’s project revolved around a need for versatility and space for family to grow. With this in mind, we wanted to add specialized features and resonating character to this design.

Let’s take a tour!

The large traditional sash windows with enlarged muntins paired with new contemporary garage doors with obscured glass creates the illusion of a bigger space in the home. To further this idea, the living room was designed to have a 16-foot door that opens up all the way to the outside creating indoor/outdoor living. Instead of a space that’s only utilized for special occasions, the doors suggest a casual living environment. Just make sure to wipe your feet before entering!

(Chandelier: Savoy)

All of our pieces are ordered wholesale, but this time we found a buffet locally that better fit our design in the dining room as well as the family’s needs. To keep the modern farmhouse theme, we chose to go with a trendy vintage washed rug with softer colors and patterns. We love the finished product of this room, but what would it be without the kitchen to back it up!?

One of the best parts of this kitchen design is the Carrara marble back splash! Between such a fun tiling and the solid limestone counter top, there is almost 2,500 pounds of stone and just enough color to bring personality to the space.

Next up is the office, but who said we can’t take a little of the kitchen with us? The old kitchen table was flipped and put it in the office to function as a partner desk! We also refurbished the family’s old bookcases, painted them a metallic color, and used them for style and function.

Refurbishing can make for some amazing projects. The wooden door in the master bedroom actually comes from grandma’s barn door! You can sneak a peak of the actual barn in the picture above the tub. Although the walls of this space may be blue, it’s far from having the blues. The wooden accents and small details add just enough to bring life to this bedroom.

(Bedding: Lili Alessandra)

Thanks for touring this project reveal with us! As we’re moving into this new season, don’t forget that inspiration can be packaged in all stories and designs! Happy fall y’all!


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