In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve selected our top three dad-inspired chairs we love (and think mom will too!)

1. Barstool

Leather and metal combine to form this handsome, vintage-industrial barstool.  We think it would look pretty swanky bellied up to the bar or in a game room.

2. Arm Chair

Great curves and detail is what this chair is all about.  Picture this clean-cut piece hanging out in dad’s office/study, providing charm and additional seating for collaborating.

3. Recliner

Not your grandad’s recliner!  So often we get requests for a comfy recliner. This is our go-to selection because it’s the ultimate in comfort with no sacrifice to style.  Dad can have his chair… and recline it too.


Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, grandfathers and men who step up to be mentors and role models!