This month in our Liveable Spaces feature we’re talking about the hub of the home; the Kitchen.  This area of the home sees a lot more than just breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s where all the cookery takes place and memories are made. Take a look at some of our favorite design features that make for knockout kitchens.

In terms of comfort, you can’t beat an upholstered barstool with a back.  If you have young children at home, consider a faux leather fabric for easy cleanup.

Open shelving is undoubtedly a hot trend in kitchen design. Whether it’s stacked with decorative jars or some pretty plates and mugs, it’s a great way to add some personality to the kitchen.

Glass subway tile is classic and timeless.  This neutral hue allows for color to be incorporated with decorative, seasonal items throughout the year.

We love a dark granite composite sink.  It’s durable and looks and feels like natural matte stone.

We also recommend installing an air switch on an island sink. This allows you to control the garbage disposal without having to flip a switch under the countertop.  You can see the air switch in the photo below, just to the right of the soap pump.

Good design is always thorough, down to the last detail!  What features are a must-have in your dream kitchen?