by Jessalynn Kirkendall

Many of you know Julia as the talented, creative, enthusiastic designer she is today. However, long before she was a designer, I knew her as my dedicated, and loving mom. She has always had such a heart for others and a desire to care for people.

When I was young, my mom was a pediatric nurse. She would spend hours caring for others, then come home and care for her family. Now, as a designer she cares for people in a way that is incredibly intuitive and personal. She has the ability to enter a space, observe the details about it that make it unique, envision and execute a transformation, and yet maintain the qualities that make it feel like home. Always going over and above what is asked or expected, she is constantly making those around her feel noticed and important. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she brings light and sincerity to all she does.

So today we celebrate Julia; we celebrate her courage as an entrepreneur, her creativity, and her heart that has touched so many people’s lives. To my mom and my best friend, Happy Birthday.