The Design Behind The Studio at K|D in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Design Behind The Studio at K|Din Tulsa, Oklahoma

front desk of commercial interior design studio in tulsa ok

Design is in our name, it is the backbone of our company, so getting the opportunity to design our own commercial space was thrilling.  The Studio at K|D is 30 years in the making, it is a place that allows us the opportunity to help inspire and equip people to live fuller, well-designed lives. Follow along as we take you behind the scenes of the transformation and design choices that brought The Studio at K|D to life.

Lighting Design

One of our design goals was to transition the space, with its functional 8’ fluorescent commercial lights, to a more warm, inviting atmosphere. We drew inspiration from our travels, particularly boutique hotels that used lighting in unique ways. We added lighting in unexpected ways and places, such as above windows and flanking office walls. Many of our selections act as a showroom for the lighting we use in our clients’ spaces.

Our favorite feature, however, is the reclaimed pendant lighting sourced from a church that was being remodeled. This lighting, with its cathedral-like grandeur, subtly nods to Kirkendall Design’s core values while also illuminating the high ceilings of The Studio.

marble sconce on wallpaper in office, commercial design by Kirkendall Design
black and gold kitchen pendant in commercial kitchen in tulsa, interior design by Kirkendall Design

The Fireplace

We wanted to bring a touch of home into the space without resorting to traditional brick fireplaces. So, we transformed a plain wall with the previous owner’s checkout counter into a simple yet striking fireplace design. It serves as a welcoming focal point, and its Roman clay face and black leather granite hearth are designed to withstand high commercial traffic. It also serves as a beautiful backdrop for signature events and photographer shoots.


commercial construction project, the studio at K|D in Tulsa, interior design by Kirkendall Design
commercial construction project, the studio at K|D in Tulsa, interior design by Kirkendall Design
large white fireplace, commercial interior design tulsa ok, by kirkendall design
pumpkins and branches styled in large fireplace at commercial office, interior design by Kirkendall Design

Custom Shelves and Multi-Purpose Design

To elevate our corridor’s visual appeal, we built large-scale custom shelves, featuring our signature trim detail. A nod to Kirkendall Design’s 30 years of timeless design, the geometric designed shelves also serve as a dynamic display for lamps, vases, and accessories. Furthermore, The Studio at K|D photographer members can use them as backdrops for high-end product photography.

custom shelves by Kirkendall Design
custom built in shelves by Kirkendall Design

Kitchen & Bar Transformation

The existing kitchen and bar underwent a major transformation to merge form and function seamlessly. We concealed visible appliances with a cleverly designed wing wall, while residential elements like a sink, quartz countertops, and a chic tile backsplash breathed new life into the space. Pendant lighting, floating shelves and custom cabinets, make it double as a showroom for clients interested in kitchen design.

two-tone backsplash paired with blue wallpaper and floating shelf in small kitchen, commercial interior design by Kirkendall Design
two-tone backsplash paired with blue wallpaper and floating shelf in small kitchen, commercial interior design by Kirkendall Design

Additional Commercial Design Touches

The Studio at K|D is brimming with thoughtful details. We moved the bathroom to make space for an additional office. Upstairs, we expanded the footprint to create a design loft, now housing our designers and our extensive materials library.

To counterbalance the predominantly white walls, we introduced a touch of warmth to the space by covering two feature walls with maple paneling. The accent wall not only discreetly conceals the rear exit entry but also provides an additional canvas for photo shoots.

Lastly, the existing tunnel-like staircase received a modern makeover, featuring a sleek glass railing and white oak wood treads.

The Essence of The Studio at K|D

In essence, The Studio at KD isn’t just an event space; it’s a testament to Kirkendall Design’s unwavering commitment to delivering high-end commercial and residential interior design. At The Studio at KD, we’ve transformed a once-industrial setting into a captivating and versatile space that seamlessly marries residential comfort with commercial practicality.

If you’re a business owner in need of commercial design services, we would love to partner with you to transform your space. Submit a design request hereIf you’re a business owner seeking a unique and inspiring environment for your corporate events or functions in 2024, reach out to for more information.