Project Feature: Out with the Old, In with the New

Nothing about this project resembles how it looked before we started on it. Bringing this kitchen into the future and adding as many updated features was a top goal for this client. Replacing the poor function of the old kitchen, and adding seating and space in the living room was first on the to-do list.…


Planning Home Projects for 2018

With a new year here, we start thinking about a new list of things we want to do around the house. January is the perfect time to look over every square inch of your property, assemble a list and then prioritize it. This is where we can help! Many years of varied client projects have…


After Christmas Overhaul: Kids Room

As the Christmas excitement dies down, anxiety picks up. “Where is everything going to go?” “Will anyone find the extra pull ups I hid in the old wagon?” “Why did these kids even need new presents?!” After all of the Luke Skywalker Landspeeders and LOL dolls are unwrapped, they have to find a new home…