Game On Mancaves & Media Rooms

Spectators and design experts alike are upping their mancave and media room “game.” Not only is football a Sunday tradition for many, it’s a sport that’s made for television. This Sunday night, millions will tune in to watch the Patriots and Falcons take the field. Let’s take a look at some Pin-worthy rooms that deliver…


Liveable Spaces: The Foyer

We’re starting a new series on the blog addressing specific areas in the home and sharing designer tips.  In this series, we’ll showcase some of the most inspiring rooms we’ve seen and share our insight on creating an environment you can enjoy and be happy sharing with others.  We’ll start at the front of the house, in the foyer.  Scroll along…


Techless Rooms

Technology was developed to help us save time, but do you ever feel like it’s the ultimate time thief? Tech-free rooms are becoming a hot trend. They are a place to unplug, spend time with family, read or take a nap. Here are a few ways to design your tech-less room and create a memorable…